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Best Practices For a Successful Freelance Experience

Freelancing best practicesNowadays, many individuals resort to working from home and monitored freelancing sites make it easier and safer. You are probably a member already, or contemplating joining and looking for the best ways to make an impression. Your online profile is very much like a CV that you carry for an interview and determines your success rate. So, what should you do to make your profile stand out?

Your User Name: When you register, the first thing you choose is a username. You should choose your own name as your user name, especially as a management consultant. You are your brand, and choosing your own name as your user name, helps spread awareness of you.

Your Professional Mug Shot: Here again, the ideal option is using your own picture, but many don’t prefer putting up their pictures for various reasons. On sites like SkillQuo, we highly encourage you to use your own photo because your privacy is protected. We don’t publicly display your photo without your permission. Profiles with photos are much more likely to be hired than those without.

Your Experience and Education: This is typically a brief about you. You shouldn’t make it very long but rather crisp, short and informative – and certainly use LinkedIN’s ‘download PDF’ feature to create a robust profile. When a potential client reads your description, they should get an idea of your experience, services you are offering and what they can expect from you.  You can make it slightly personal by giving a reason for going freelance if you want, or skip it.

Highlight Your Accomplishments: Make sure you add any important details that potential clients should know before hiring you. For example: If you are active during weekdays and less active or away during weekends, or work during a specific time zone add that info somewhere, so potential employers will know when and what to expect from you. Also, they wouldn’t get frustrated waiting for longer time and give up, if you give them a heads up in your profile.

Basically, your profile should give them a glimpse of your career or experience highlights, services offered, pricing, TAT (Turn Around Time) and other relevant details like your usual response time or time zone, etc. After all, any and every project you are awarded will be decided based on your profile and your rating or reviews. So, make sure you keep your profile interesting and informative.

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