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No Man Is an Island

SQ-Shine-EarthDay-R2.0When you work remotely/work from home, there are obvious benefits of flexibility, ownership, and brand building. However, working remotely a.k.a. freelancing is oftentimes accompanied with isolation – where it’s just you and your laptop spending copious amounts of quality time together.
Echoing the sentiments of my entire SkillQuo staff, it is that much more important to build community – when you are working as a freelancer. It is important to be part of something bigger than yourself. It is wired in our homo-sapiens’ DNA.
Working remotely and community-building do not have to be mutually exclusive. At SkillQuo, we pride ourselves in being more than just an online workplace, but a community that cares about its consultants. It is a part of our mission statement, and we are bringing those words to life. And, what better way to build community, than to base it on something that also gives back to ourselves and our collective home, Planet Earth?
SkillQuo partners with JouleBug Shine to incorporate sustainability and well-being into every day living. Throughout the year, the SkillQuo consultant community will be able to participate in challenges with fellow consultants from anywhere in the world – through their smartphones. We offer our consultants three different areas of sustainability challenges: Nutrition, Eco (Earth), and Fitness.

We are hosting fun well-being Challenges on the JouleBug Shine app. From the palm of the consultant’s hand, he or she can now participate in SkillQuo sustainability challenges, earn points, and badges for green achievements by simple actions on his/her smartphone.

We are kicking off our partnership with the following two challenges: 1) Workout to Win Fitness Challenge and 2) Lights Off Sustainability Challenge.

Our first challenge will be “Workout to Win.” Using our SkillQuo Joulebug app, our consutants can track all fitness activities -whether it’s walking with a pedometer or participating in their favorite gym class or taking a scenic nature hike!

Our second challenge will be “Lights Off.” Our consultants will track every time they turn off a light, conserve water, recycle and so forth.

I look forward to updating this blog with the results of our consultant community’s activity and the challenge winners!

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