The Five Faces of the on Demand Economy

On Demand Economy

Published By : Quickbooks | Intuit

From people determined to be their own boss, to those embracing the flexibility to do something they love, to workers finding a replacement for a traditional job – people working in the on-demand economy are just about as diverse as the labor market itself. There are the five key groups of workers in the on-demand economy:

The Side Giggers are looking for opportunities to supplement their income and are strongly
motivated by financial security. Job flexibility and pursuing interests are less important. They are
most likely to be employed in a “traditional” job.

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  • The Career Freelancers: Happily building a career through independent work.
  • The Business Builders: Driven by the desire to be their own boss.
  • The Side Giggers: Looking to find financial stability by supplementing existing income.
  • The Passionistas: Looking for the flexibility to do something they love.
  • The Substituters: Replacing a traditional job that is no longer available.


The Career Freelancers are happily building a career through independent work. They like being in control, being their own boss and creating their own job. They are less concerned about the risk associated with on-demand/independent work. They generate a larger proportion of their total income from their independent work than other groups.

The Business Builders are primarily motivated by a desire to run their own business or be their own boss. They are most likely to already have their own business and use on-demand work to supplement or expand this existing business.

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