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10 Oct 2018

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IN: AI,  artificial inteligence,  buyer journey,  consumer centric,  customer journey,  healthcare,  healthcare consulting,  healthcare technology,  hospitals

Article Credit: CB Insights High deductible plans and new technologies are turning patients into savvy healthcare consumers, with higher expectations around service and experience. Companies are positioning themselves to take advantage of this shift. Over the past few…

16 May 2018

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Workplaces are sacred. Not because that’s where you spend the majority of your day, but also it’s the source of your daily bread.  Modern workplaces are becoming temples where ideas, perspectives, and insights meet to…

01 May 2018

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IN: evolution of management consulting,  future of consulting,  micro consulting,  microconsulting

Consumers expect convenience, agility, and customization in all things.  They are now accustomed to curbside grocery pick-ups, Lyft services, delivery of fresh meal kits,  and Netflix movie viewings. It speaks to the trend of platforms…

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26 Oct 2016

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IN: best,  experience,  freelance,  practices,  successful

Nowadays, many individuals resort to working from home and monitored freelancing sites make it easier and safer. You are probably a member already, or contemplating joining and looking for the best ways to make an impression. Your…

26 Oct 2016

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IN: freelancing questions

As a concept, freelancing has gained an outstanding popularity over the past decade or so. Hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic, skilled individuals across the globe are eagerly waiting to enter this exciting industry, yet they…

05 Jun 2019

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IN: bootstrapping,  innovation,  small business

Innovation Costs Money One of the main drivers of innovation in our classic business market is funding. To innovate costs money, and so obviously, that money and where that money goes drives who gets to…