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SkillQuo…What’s In It For Me?

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We shop online, we network online, and we can even educate ourselves online – so why not build a career online?

Augment Your Income

If you are a management consultant, currently working the Mon-Thurs travel grind, then you know that your time is worth $300+ per hour to the client. Yet, you pocket only a fraction of what the client is billed for you. With SkillQuo, you keep what you earn! We also set the standard that our consultants charge – at minimum – $75 an hour. Because we know we have vetted the top talent and you are the best in your field. We don’t compromise on quality and neither should you. At SkillQuo, you can select projects on an hourly basis or accept a $5000 project which you can work either around your current job, or utilize our platform to launch your online career. Whether you are currently working, a graduate student, or looking for a flexible position, SkillQuo is the perfect forum for you to earn a living with your area of expertise.

Build Your Brand

Congratulations – you have achieved a notable level of career success, but now you have to stay at the top. Not only do you need to achieve career success and carve out your niche, you need to sustain your competitive edge. Thanks to viral spread and reach of social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, connecting with thousands of friends and followers has never been easier or within our reach as it is today. Likewise, we encourage you to utilize SkillQuo to your advantage to build a sustaining brand which cuts across regional, national, and international borders. Make a name for yourself with SkillQuo!

Be Your Own Boss

The beauty of working virtually, on a per-project basis, is that you can own your projects AND your time. You bid on projects that appeal to you. Before you commit, you can iron out every detail from timing, pace, milestones, and type of delivery. If you are a working professional, student, or parent, you can fluidly integrate your schedule around your existing family/educational/professional commitments. Your client is not policing you from 9-5am.  They are concerned with the timeliness and quality of their deliverables. Whether you are working at 10am or 2pm, is not on their radar.

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About The Author

I graduated from a top 20 university (Emory) with a dual degree in English and Business. I have pursued a thriving business career with just over a decade of experience in marketing strategy, branding, and communications. I have worked with Fortune 100 companies’ billion dollar accounts, empowering them to create their most enduring brand stories. However, my most challenging accounts have been the boutique-sized accounts, where the money had to work hard for the client. I have also forayed into teaching high school English. I know when to be pithy and to the point. Conversely, I know how to weave a web of words like a work of art so that it ensconces the reader like a cocoon.


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