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Building your freelancer profile and nurturing it

Build Personal BrandIf you intend to establish yourself as a freelancer, it is exceptionally important to pay a good attention on creating an effective online profile and maintain it. In fact, your profile showcases your dedication, skills, reliability, creativity and all the other aspects to your potential clients. In the freelancing industry, this profile is considered to be your CV; the success of your career depends on the effectiveness of the profile. Such profile is instrumental not only to gain new customers, but also to retain the existing clientele. Here are some important things you should consider when maintaining an effective and presentable online profile.

What makes your profile more attractive?

Truth to be told, if you are a starter-level freelancer, you will need a considerable amount of time to realize all the aspects pertaining to online freelancing concept. You have to accept the fact that you are unaware of most of the areas.

The basic, however, pretty much the same – after joining the freelancer platform you prefer, you need to start bidding for the available projects. When you bid, you will realize that you should have something special to stand ahead of the other competitors. Most of the beginner level freelancers easily give-up after a couple of failed attempts. However, it is a smart freelancer’s characteristic to find out the actual reason for being rejected and rectify it.

The importance of first couple of projects

Winning the first project is the beginning of your online CV. That is why you need to put your all the efforts and try to win the first project (even at a lower rate). Once you win the first project, you need to produce a ‘wow-piece’ for your client well ahead of the deadline. Pay attention to the every detail provided by the client and make no errors. Reduce the necessity for adjustments. Do your best to get an excellent feedback from the client.

Correct way of bidding for projects

The way you bid plays a major role in convincing clients to rely on your service. The message you send and the price you offer should be planned perfectly for optimal results. Don’t try to admire yourself too much since it is the beginning of your freelancing career. The best you can do is to win the trust of the client by communicating effectively. However, your potential can be significantly maximized if you can provide some samples to your client (most of the clients do require samples).

Just try to address the client in a professional manner and make him or her understood that you are 100% clear about the provided information. Read the message carefully and try to understand each and every requirement (even the tiniest detail) to the best of your knowledge. It is totally OK to let your clients know the tools and the strategies use to complete the task. Don’t price yourself under a ‘too expensive’ tag at the beginning.

Getting the rating you deserve

At the completion of a successful project, you deserve a good rating. However, some clients intentionally deny to rate your services. Give them some gentle reminders to rate you, but don’t be too forceful. You can make them realized how helpful these ratings are for your career.

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